• These tunes are my personal tunes that I use on a day to day basis. Since I've been dragging for over 2 years, I truely believe that these tunes are the best that can be derived from a car. If you've seen me in a room, then you should know I know my way around the tuning menu :)
  • With the "Pre-Tuned Car & Guide" you will receive one of my personal cars with my personal tune on it. It will be fully broken in and fully upgraded. Along with that you will get a "Guide" via PM with all the info of how to drive it fast (shift points, what gear to launch in, etc...) as some tunes need a special driving style.
  • With the "Pre-Tuned Car" option, you will receive a fully broken in, fully upgraded car with my personal tune on it.
  • With just the "Tune" option I will send you a PM of my exact tune.
  • After you complete the checkout, add me on PSN, my username is "iWinYouLooz" (And don't try to BS me, I can tell who checks out what so use valid information). If my friends list is full, PM me and I will delete someone. After you add me, send me a PM telling me your name and what you ordered. I will confirm you order then send you whatever you purchased.



1/4 MILE



Audi Le Mans Quattro '03

Le Mans

The 2nd fastest street legal AWD car in the game after they Veyron. Over 900 horses in each wheel, be prepared to shift as the gears will come and go quite quickly...
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Nissan GT-R Black Edition '12

Black Edition

The Spec-V on steroids. Even though it's heaver than it's little brother, the near 100 extra HP more than makes up for it.
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Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR '08

This car is one of the fastest RWD in the game. With over 1000 raging horses, expect people to make many comments about your tail lights.
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Ferrari Enzo '02

Another crazy RWD monster. Not quite as fast off the line as the ACR but it will start reeling it in. If you're lucky, you might catch the ACR if you're on your game..


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* BSL: Black Screen Launch. Timed launches are roughly .040 of a second faster.